Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio’s conscience; profanity substitute- COOL WORDS

Crickets, as a general rule, are not cute the exception being Jiminy. His top hat, his cane, his waistcoat. I can’t imagine anyone scraping him off the bottom of their shoe. That being said, the reason this is a cool word is because it’s a wonderful alternative to cussing when profanity is not appropriate or […]

Bursting With Happiness . . .

Have you ever, for no apparent reason, been so happy you thought you were going to explode in a spectacular display of dazzling fireworks and blinding light?  It’s indescribably wonderful.  And utterly terrifying.  Wonderful because the universe―for that one brief, shining moment― made absolute and total sense.  You knew beyond a shadow of a doubt […]

Barnacle: the definition to follow ‘cuz it’s really long – COOL WORDS

Definition #1: salt-water shellfish that attach themselves to rocks, wharves, ship bottoms, and whales which is cool but probably not to whales.  Definition #2: a person or thing that’s hard to get rid of. I didn’t know about this second definition till I looked it up in the dictionary and it made me pretty happy because I was […]