Hello out there . . .

So I’ve been thinking about writing a blog like everyone else in the world and it occured to me that if I really wanted to write a blog I would have to actually go online and start one. It’s not rocket science but it does involve some effort on said blogger’s part and therein lies the problem. Since I am in fact writing my first blog post (or is it posting?) I obviously managed to get off my butt and do it. . . but it did take quite a bit of effort just so you know. . .

So who am I and why would you want to read my blog. I am an almost fifty year old (holy ^%$@$!) woman (tee hee-it always makes me laugh to hear myself referred to as a woman probably because inside I’m still a thirteen-year-old girl) . . . where was I? Oh yeah, I have two grown daughters and one not so grown husband. We used to have a toy poodle named Charlie but he passed away two years ago, although he seems to visit us on occasion while we’re sleeping . . . I am an aspiring writer and figure if I really want to be a writer then I have to actually write something . . . that people might read . . . I think rocket science might be easier.

I have a secret dream/nightmare to be a stand up comedian. This would be a noble aspiration if I wasn’t deathly afraid of public speaking and making a fool of myself which pretty much ensures that I will never be a stand up comedian except in my head and possibly on this blog. Lucky you.

Well, that’s about all for this first post (posting?) and it only took me forty-three minutes to write. Oh, I forgot to answer the second question which was why would you want to read this blog. . . I wish I had a profound, exciting, rational, mind-bending reply but sadly I don’t which doesn’t jive with me wanting to be world class, best selling author but what can I say. . . I’m not a rocket scientist . . .


3 thoughts on “Hello out there . . .

  1. Hello! Just let the words spill out and don’t think (to hard) about what you write! I thought I heard my old cat for a few years too, but sadly I don’t anymore 😦

    • Good advice – I generally try not to think too hard about anything. I hear it kills brain cells or maybe it’s NOT thinking that does. . . Mmmm that explains a lot!

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