Change The World

I never watch the news if I can help it.  Yes, I know I should keep up with events and it’s foolish to bury my head in the sand, but it’s always about the bad stuff going on in the world and while it does have a few feel good stories, they only succeed in making me cry.  And that is precisely why I don’t watch.  I don’t think I should cry over the good stuff and I don’t want to visit the dark corners of my mind to discover why I don’t cry over the bad.

Doctors, cops and morticians can’t cry over all the tragedies they encounter or else they’d go crazy so, of course, neither can the rest of us.  We’ve turned a blind eye to the truth because the truth is too awful.  We don’t cry because we are so desensitized to the bad stuff it has lost its power to horrify us. . . But the good stuff, the stuff where people do seemingly heroic things like teach an immigrant to read or fill a stadium with food for the hungry or stand up for a bullied stranger . . . that’s the stuff that truly shocks us.

We are well acquainted with our capacity for evil, the proof exposed daily on the TV, the internet, our neighborhoods, our schools, and our own dark thoughts that we just take it all for granted.  Our excuse ― there’s nothing we can do, it’s just life. Besides, Being Good is too noble and difficult for us mere mortals to pull off.  It is an impossible quest filled with disappointment, failure and little reward.

It’s probably stupid to think people can change, that one person can make a difference, but if no one speaks up, if no one dreams things can be different and life can be better, it never will be.  I’m not so naïve to imagine I can change the world.  I know I can’t change anyone’s actions or thoughts, but maybe, if I say the words enough, and think them enough and believe the truth of them in my heart . . .  I can change myself.


2 thoughts on “Change The World

  1. Good writing. Storytelling. Did you ever think that perhaps certain stories are written to get a certain response. A story reporting the facts of a recent murder, when, where, how it happened, etc. might disgust you, but you probably would not cry. Now take the same murder and get the reaction from the 5 year old girl who lost her mom. Different reaction from the viewer…

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