The Writing Dilemma

Okay, you’d think a person who wants to be a writer would spend all their waking moments, you know, writing.  Well, it turns out the desire to write bears no relation whatsoever to the actual act of writing!  I can’t speak for all writers but the few I know will come up with all kinds of reasons to get out of writing which, upon close scrutiny, are feeble, pitiful and just so, so sad:  I’m too tired.  I have allergies.  My favorite show is on.  I have to do laundry/fold laundry/find some laundry lurking somewhere so I don’t have to write plus, I have to scrub the toilet!  And let’s face it, who has any creative urges after performing that task . . . no one, except horror writers.

As we speak, I have a half-finished young adult manuscript languishing in a forgotten folder on my desktop. ( For you non-writers, it’s a manuscript until it’s published.  Only then can you call it a book . . . ‘Cause that makes real writers feel special. . .)

Of course, the actual reason we come up with all these pathetic excuses is just plain, old fear.  Like Stephen King says, er, writes, “The scariest moment is always just before you start.”

I must say, all this talk of writing has inspired me to revive my dream, to reach for the stars, to plow forward no matter the obstacles blocking my way.  I will face down my demons and prevail!  . . . tomorrow . . . right now, I’m too busy blogging.


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