Walking through fall leaves, winter snow, gravel paths and dirt roads makes such wonderful crunchy sounds.  The crunchiness of dried autumn leaves snapping under my shoes, or the crisp crackle of new snow on my boots, or the raspy swish of gravel scraping against my soles brings such a feeling of comfort.  Maybe it’s because that delicious crunch transports me back to childhood and simple pleasures. The word itself is so wonderful because saying it out loud sounds exactly like, well, crunching.

I went to the park today and trampled through the layers of leaves blanketing the ground, relishing each deliberate footstep and the smiles they brought to my face.  I don’t think anything else can transport you back in time, give you a giddy feeling in your stomach and somehow make tomorrow worth looking forward to than making that crunchy, crunching sound with your own two feet.

Maybe that’s asking a lot from a bunch of dried up leaves but if nothing else, it gets you outside and for a few minutes you can forget all those everyday problems of living and just . . . live.


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