Cyber waves are short-circuiting my brain. . .

So this morning I dragged myself out of bed, lurched through my morning routine and sometime between brushing my teeth and arriving at work I got it into my head it was Thursday. You know, Thursday, the best day of the week! Needless to say when I finally realized it was only Wednesday I was inconsolable . . . okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but Jiminy Crickets! I really, really wanted it to be Thursday!  Now I have to spend precious time worrying what the heck it means that I skipped a whole day in my head.  As you can imagine, I spent a goodly part of the day lamenting my bad fortune when out of the blue my throat gets a tickle. I drank water, cleared my throat, did a few of those fake coughs one does like that’s going to help but it didn’t go away.  Great.  Not only is it not Thursday, I am probably on the cusp of getting a cold and gosh darn it, I refuse to succumb!  I don’t have time for a cold!  I have things to do― write these blog posts for one― and lots of other important and fun, you know, stuff.  Okay, not so much but at least tomorrow is Thursday . . . at least I think it is . . .


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