Cool Words . . .

Okay, so I haven’t been able to think of any cool words lately so I did what any opposable thumbed creature with internet access would do. . .  I googled Cool Words.

To my great astonishment, 1,150,000,000 results popped up.  I perused a few sites, each of which had oodles of supposedly cool words.  Don’t get too excited because most of these words were just weird and obscure and that is not the definition of a cool word.  And, of course, I am the recognized authority on this subject . . .

Here is a sampling:

     pelf ―(pelf)  {Really?!}  n. money, riches

     turophile ―(toor’-oh-file, tyoor’-oh-file)  {So which is it?!}  n. a cheese fancier

     algid ―(al’-jid)  {Ok, that works.}  adj. chilly, cold

     pule ―(pyool)  {Mmm, I’m guessing pee-yule?}   v.i. to whine or whimper

     jactation―(jack-tay’-shun)  {Tee hee . . .}   n. boasting; bragging.

(Sorry for all the parenthesis.)

I shall now use my considerable writing genius and arrange these cool word wannabes into a sentence.

If I had lots of pelf, I would leave this algid climate and never again pule about that annoying turophile and his incessant jactation.

. . . Okay, just lost 72 minutes of my life that I can never get back . . .


2 thoughts on “Cool Words . . .

  1. Hey, writing is a painstaking, precise, process that takes precious, preperation and patience. (This comment took 5 minutes!)

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