Retail Run Amok . . .

So my husband and I went to the opening of a Costco in our town yesterday.  For those who don’t know, Costco is a big, warehousey, super-store where customers pay the company $55 a year for the privilege of shopping in their establishment.  (Whoever came up with that angle for increasing company profits is a genius.)  It’s free the first week hence, the reason we went.   As expected, there were long, big and tall aisles chock full of gigantic sized products― a gallon jug of eyeball-like olives gave me a bit of a start― as well as the usual complement of TV’s, computers, cameras, clothing, books and whatnot all at reduced prices provided you have a closet big enough to hold a 500 roll pack of toilet paper.

What I did not anticipate was the jewelry.  And by jewelry I mean JEWELRY, with like, jewels.   A huddle of jeans and sweatshirt wearing women, like me, were buzzing over one particular case.  I meandered over and what did my disbelieving eyes see?  A diamond ring with the price tag prominently displayed in giant numbers right under its plain and ordinary display stand that read $99,999.99. . .

Really? One Hundred Thousand Dollars (give or take a penny)? At . . .Costco?!?

I don’t like to label people but seriously, who goes to Costco and plunks down 100 grand for anything!?  I can see it now:

“Happy Anniversary, Cupcake.”

“Oh, Pooky, wherever did you find such an exquisite ring?”

. . .  I think we can all see the tragic outcome to that conversation.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully plan on buying that sparkly veneration to womanhood and will wear it proudly no matter its humble beginnings. . . I just hope they take checks. . .


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