Debacle: an event ending disastrously with humiliating consequences ― COOL WORDS

A totally cool word if you can figure out how to say it. For those who need a little help, I broke it down to its individual syllables: da-bach-el Some fun examples:    The spray tan debacle of last summer is best forgotten.    Life was never the same after the speed-dating debacle of 2010.   Sometimes life […]

Ruminating: 1. To think deeply about something; 2. To chew again what has been chewed slightly and swallowed . . . ― COOL WORDS

So definition one is pretty cool . . . definition two, which means, like, a cow chewing their cud, not so much.  Let’s just cut to the examples, shall we  . . . Def one sentence:  “I’ve been ruminating on it for about an hour,” said my daughter after announcing her intention to make a […]