Have A Little Faith . . .

So the good news is ― the election is over! Yea! Yea! And Double Yea! The bad news is it will all start up again in about two years . . . give or take three hundred days.  Right about now you are either jazzed up on adrenaline or seriously thinking of packing your bags depending on which side of the playground you hang out in.

I could blather on about all the problems we face but we all are well aware and the world doesn’t need another armchair pundit spewing . . . stuff . . .  besides, I haven’t got a clue how to fix a martini let alone a country.

America has serious problems but it also has amazing triumphs. We haven’t gone over the cliff and we aren’t going to because we are smart and resourceful and too healthily proud to let anything break us.

We have to keep the faith, if not in each other, than in God ‘cuz I’m pretty sure― since He hasn’t done it by now― He’s not gonna let us get thrown under the bus. . .



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