Learning Lessons . . .

So I’ve been fifty for ten days now and I am still waiting for the big lightning bolt of wisdom and knowledge to strike. . .  While I wait for that, the big giant baseball bat of life hasn’t stopped its relentless bashing.  But to be fair to said bat, it takes me an inordinate amount to time to learn the lessons life so desperately wants to teach me.  You see, I am a sensitive soul which is a grand way of saying I take on other people’s troubles and try to solve all the problems of family, friends, strangers and the world.  Clearly, I suffer from delusions of grandeur− in the best possible way− but obviously, I have set myself an impossible task doomed to fail.  There is not enough antacid to make my stomach quit burbling and in the words of someone close to me, I just need to “calm down”.

That is excellent advice but accomplishing that feat is, well, the life lesson.  How does one let things go?  How do you quit worrying?  How do I stop trying to “explain how things should be” especially when I have no clue myself?

. . . I guess you just stop and trust that God and the universe know what they are doing.  I just have to do more than talk about accepting the people in my life as they are and do it. All I can do is love, listen and support them, no matter where their journey takes them.  That actually doesn’t sound too hard and after all, that’s what I want my loved ones to do for me.

So to all the people in my life, if I start down that dark road of self-righteous, know-it-all-ness, take that baseball bat and wop me upside my head −well, not literally ‘cause that would hurt− to remind me that I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend and a random, medium-old lady and not the world’s, or your, last defense against chaos and strife . . . Now that I think about it . . .what a relief!



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