Christmas Eve Day . . .

So it’s Christmas Eve Day.  The turkey is in oven.  The cookies that were made a few weeks ago are thawing on the counter.  Gifts are wrapped and decorations are . . . decorating and I have a few minutes to catch my breath and reflect.  The last few weeks have been rough for all of us and the coming weeks promise more of the same.  I know it sounds trite but we really do need to step back and remember what Christmas is all about.  It’s about hope and renewal and love. But mostly love.

It’s easy to forget that every single person on this planet is a Child of God.  No matter what name your God has.  No matter what race, creed, religion or eye color you have.  No matter if you don’t even believe in God.  God says over and over again Love your neighbor.  There is no asterisk pointing to a footnote with exceptions.

Love your neighbor.  The most radical, outlandish, impossible task God ever assigned us.  And the one we just can’t seem to get.  Now more than ever, we need to put aside our grudges and fears and embrace this message.  Yes, there is evil in the world but Jesus did not come to kill evil.  He came to transform it . . . with love.

We are far from reaching this goal but God would not give us this task if we could not achieve it.  Jesus is the reminder and the example that it can be done.  So take a minute today and everyday and remind yourself to love your family, yourself and your neighbor and eventually we will change the world . . .


One thought on “Christmas Eve Day . . .

  1. Wow! That is powerful! Good words for all of us to take to heart! Thank you for that beautiful reminder on this most special day!!

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