2013 . . .

So I finally stumbled into the twenty-first century and got a smart phone.  Just by signing up for another two years I got the iphone 4 for free . . . Well, not exactly free as my cell phone bill will go up exponentially and the iphone 4 is practically a dinosaur but hey, I can now hold my head at an awkward, downward-facing angle and never be caught unawares as to what shenanigans Lindsay and the Kardashian’s are up to just like the rest of the world.  Plus, Star Wars Angry Birds rocks!

Yes, I was one of those who tsk tsked at all the sheep chained to their phones like an umbilical cord as if the steady stream of cat videos and information overload somehow nourished their starved souls.  Seriously, I lamented, who really needs to know every minute detail about everything and everyone the instant any event ―or non-event―happens?

. . . Apparently, I do.

This is a disturbing revelation.  And sadly, I’m not that disturbed by it.  Sure, the cyber world of today is filled with too much useless information and one can waste one’s life getting caught up in the ridiculousness of it all but there are also real happenings that occur every day.  Things that we otherwise would never know about that propel us to right a wrong or share in joy or make us think in new and different ways.  Knowledge is power and the more it spreads the better off we will be.

I know, we’ve still got a lot to learn like using this power for good and not evil ―which is nothing new― but I have faith in humanity.  It gets sorely tested, especially of late, but if you also have faith in a higher being, whatever name you give it, you know we will prevail.

So my wish for 2013 is that we all learn a little more about each other and through that knowledge gain understanding and compassion.  Maybe we can also learn that every once in a while it is okay to keep our mouths shut and just smile . . .




One thought on “2013 . . .

  1. Hi June!
    Somehow Bob sent this comment to my messages instead of your blog. He is still very technically challenged-iPhone or not!!:
    Dear June,
    Just wait, you can actually bring up some old shows on your new phone. I just made it to the 20th century this past May when I finally started texting ! Now I even have a face book page and a I-phone. Pretty soon I won’t need to even speak !
    Love Bob and Luise

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