Addicted to Buffy . . .

So I’ve been known to become enamored of certain TV shows which is a fancy way of saying you better not call me when my show is on ‘cuz you will be ignored.  Just ask my husband about the time he called during a Star Trek rerun when we first started dating.  That was just about a deal breaker!  (For which one of us, I’m not saying. . .)

Besides Star Trek (all versions) and Quantum Leap and Dynasty (not Dallas) which pretty much dates me back to the dinosaur age, I have been a devotee of various shows throughout the years most recently:  The Bachelor/Bachelorette, The Walking Dead, Scandal, The Big Bang Theory and Downton Abbey.  I’m pretty much an all inclusive sort of gal when it comes to genre as long as it has great characters and an awesome plot― which is completely subjective, I admit― and when I decide I like a show, I totally immerse myself in the experience.

Which brings me to my new obsession, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is Daughter Number Two’s fault as she had been bugging me for a year to watch because in her words, “It was life changing!”  To humor her, I put it in my Netflix queue.  Then she made me actually watch an episode.  To be honest, I wasn’t that jazzed about the first season, which was a short twelve episodes but then it got good.  And then really good.  And now I can’t watch them fast enough.  (My husband thinks I’m crazy but he married me with full disclosure!)

When I discovered Joss Whedon was the genius behind Buffy, the same genius behind Firefly, which is another whole blog post in itself, I knew the stars had aligned and it was meant to be. . .

. . . I suppose in the interest of full disclosure I will have to list the side effects of succumbing to the allure of TVShow-itis  like those  prescription drug ads that promise intestinal distress no matter what drug you choose to sample.

  1. Loss of cognitive function – Every conversation leads back to current TV show obsession.
  2. Loss of family togetherness – Well, that may be a good thing depending on your family.
  3. Loss of sleep – Especially if the whole series is available for instant viewing.
  4. Loss of identity – You will start emulating your favorite character/characters.
  5. This does not consist of a full listing of possible side effects but I assure you, intestinal distress is not one of them.


Finally, if you should start dreaming you are in the show not as one of the characters but as yourself, the situation has reached critical mass you must cease and desist for your own health and well being. . . Or just load up the next episode and enjoy the ride.  That’s what I do and I’m perfectly fine . . .  *

*see list of side effects


2 thoughts on “Addicted to Buffy . . .

  1. So I’m reading this at work and had to try my very hardest not to laugh because your side effects were spot on! Also, I now know where I got my obsessive tv gene from.
    Ps I told you from the beginning Joss was the one that created the show!

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