Fake Fingernails . . .

So I bought these fancy glue-on nails a while ago and decided I should finally try them out.  Not being the chic manicure type, I am not used to having nails extend past my fingertips so I figured I better try it on just one nail to see how it would work.  The little finger on my left hand doesn’t have much to do so I applied the pink liquid adhesive – i.e. swanky superglue – and held the fancy nail in place until it was firmly, and possibly permanently, attached.

First, I got it on a tad crooked so now my little finger looks like it lists to the left. (That was a lot of unintentional L’s!)  Second, even though my baby finger doesn’t do much, it does have to be on call when typing but its balance is all thrown off with this superfluous decoration.  Third, it has a sharpish edge and I cut the side of the adjoining ring finger.  Sigh.

Fortunately, this experiment wasn’t totally in vain.  I learned I am seriously lacking in girly-girl genes which actually doesn’t come as much of a surprise as I am physically unable to wear high heels or thongs (the underwear, not the flip flops from the yesteryear of my childhood and sorry about the TMI there).  I prefer my clothes a comfortable size too big and I refuse to eat salad as a main course.

I decided to leave the fancy fingernail on for now as a nod to the girly-girl somewhere deep inside because she deserves acknowledgment every once in a while.  That and I don’t know how to get it off . . .


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