LAZY: DEUX PARTIES* (*Part Two) . . .

So the reason I haven’t written a post for awhile is because I’ve been . . . busy . . . you know . . . doing stuff (see previous post).

Okay, so I haven’t really been busy but I did have an epiphany. Okay, not so much an epiphany as a general musing but I no longer have to wallow in the guilt and remorse that comes from being what short-sighted, judgmental, terminally frenzied people call LAZY.

I have found my motto, my maxim, my motivation for continuing to live my life the way God intended.  What, pray tell, has prompted this plethora of verbal pyrotechnics? I will tell you:  my Maxine™ daily calendar― specifically― March 6th.   (Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a bit past that date but have you been reading this blog!)  Here are the inspiring words it imparted (paraphrased of course):


I believe nothing more needs to be said except what I said before:   The world needs more lazy people!   Laziness is the one, easy, non-messy way to end strife and suffering and finally bring peace to the planet.  You don’t need money (‘course you probably won’t have any if you follow this path but let’s not get into that here . . .), fancy clothes (ditto), smarts, good looks, or anything (except possibly a couch and TV) to aid in this endeavor.  All you need is the will and determination to do what needs to be done to bring about this nothing-short-of-a-miracle change in the world.

The key word here being nothing, as in you don’t have to do anything. As in you shouldn’t do anything because laziness is the only thing that will save humanity. So kudos to all those lethargic, listless, languid Lazies who have already laid down for the cause.

Now, we just need to get this so-simple-­­­­it’s-mind-boggling idea off the ground so all of you just get out there and spread the word . . .

I would do it myself . . . but I can’t get off the sofa . . .


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