Let’s Hear It For The Girls . . .

So it’s Mother’s Day and I thought I’d give a shout out to . . . you guessed it . . . MY MOTHER!

Here goes: Thanks Mom, first for going through twenty-four hours of labor having me (sorry about that) and second for teaching me to talk (even though sometimes you probably wished you hadn’t) and third for potty training me (this important feat gets overlooked but really, think about it . . .) and fourth for always being there. And by being there I mean, listening and cajoling and supporting and showing me how to be a good, kind, and loving person. Now that I’m all grown up and a mom to all grown up girls, I want thank you not only for showing me how to be a mom but how to be a strong, confident, independent woman who knows how to replace the innards of a toilet.

I can’t really point to one thing and say, yep, that’s what you did to shape the person I am today. It was a combination of lots of things. The day to day living. The talk around the supper table. The ordinary moments. And the extraordinary ones. Mix in some unconditional love― and a little tough love too― and you have a recipe that in the right hands can turn any child into a respectable/functioning adult . . . All I can say is thank you Mom for being an awesome cook!

While we’re on the subject of cooking, I think it is important on this day of celebrating Mothers to also thank the other women in our lives who, while they may not technically be our mothers, have “mothered” us and added their own special ingredients to the soup pot of our lives.

So thanks to all the aunts and sisters and sisters-in-law and mothers-in-law and daughters and grandmas and cousins and friends and coworkers and hairdressers (where would we be without THEM?!) and the random women who nod in sympathy when our toddlers and/or husbands throw fits in Wal-Mart or tells us toilet paper is stuck to our shoe as we exit the Ladies’ Room. All these women have laughed with us and cried with us and smacked us upside our heads (figuratively, mostly) when we needed it and they all deserve to be celebrated!

If you fit into any of the above categories, today is for you! Run through a meadow, lounge in the bathtub, eat lots of chocolate, sing and dance and sleep and laugh and whatever else will put a smile on your face. And always remember you are valuable and wonderful and beautiful and strong and important and smart and perfect just the way you are and most of all . . .

. . . You Are Loved!


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