Getting My Ducks In A Row . . .

So I decided if I’m going to kick this laziness habit I better get serious, hence, I’m about to do something I have never done before. A close relation of mine (i.e. Daughter #1) has inspired me to take this first painful yet necessary step towards de-lazying my life. I’m going to . . . write a list!

Oh sure, I’ve written lists before ― grocery store items, Christmas gifts ― but never a list of stuff I need/should/want to accomplish. My guru has more lists than you can throw a stick at. Lists of daily, weekly, monthly and possibly yearly things that need to get done. Lists of food to eat, places to go and things to do now and in the future. Primary lists and secondary lists and lists of stuff to do once all the other lists have been exhausted. I bow down to her innovative and superb organizational skills and hope one day to follow in her footsteps. But as I am still just a grasshopper, I will stick to just the one list.

First item on my list . . . write a list. That seems a bit obvious but beginners need to start somewhere. Oh no! I missed a step! I should have titled my list first! What a rookie mistake. I will start over:

1. Write a list.
2. . . .

Okay, so I ran into a bit of a hiccup. But it’s not like I don’t have things to do. I need to clean the toilets and plant the flowers I just bought and read all the books I’ve been accumulating for free on my Kindle and strategize better so I won’t keep losing on Words with Friends (which is really humiliating since I’m supposedly a writer). And as a supposed writer, I need to get cracking on all those cobwebby folders of half-finished stories languishing on my desk and actually write. The problem isn’t that I don’t have stuff to do, it’s that I’ve got so much stuff to do I don’t know where to start!

This is a lot harder than I thought. I will fortify myself with some green tea and a couple of chocolate chip cookies. Here goes:


1. Write a list. (Whoo hoo, got this one nailed!)
2. Read. (Got my Kindle all fired up.)
3. Write. (This counts, right?)
4. Clean. (This encompasses all forms of household cleaning ―toilets, floors, laundry― because to separate them
out would make this list depressingly long.)
5. Bake brownies and/or anything with chocolate. (A no brainer.)
6. Watch all those movies I’ve DVR’d. (I can’t quit cold turkey. . .)
7. Erase all those movies I’ve DVR’d and will never watch. (. . .Cold turkey it is.)
8. Go to work. (Probably don’t need to include this but I’m trying to get to ten.)
9. Exercise. (Just got a new bike and I’m actually pretty pumped about this one!)
10. Relax, be calm, everything will get done . . . eventually.

Actually, Number Ten should always be Number One because life is a crazy roller coaster and there will always be more stuff to add to our lists. But at the end of the day, it’s the end of the day and there’s no point to any of it if we didn’t enjoy the ride. . .


One thought on “Getting My Ducks In A Row . . .

  1. I’m sorry, but I think that “go to work” should be #1. You do spend half of your life there. Oh sorry, didn’t mean to depress you:(. Anyways good idea on the list. At our age we certainly need one!

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