YEA DADS! . . .

So where would we be without dads? Well, unless you really didn’t pay attention in Biology you know the answer. Sadly, dads kinda get the short end of the stick. Right off the bat, Father’s Day is in the middle of June when all the kids are out of school so no cute macaroni infested cards for them! Plus who always gets a shout-out from people finding themselves in front of a TV camera? Mostly moms. Moms are great and again, we would be nowhere without them, but dads are good for so many things we sometimes just take them for granted. For example:

1. Killing spiders and other creepy crawlies. Yes, in a pinch we can suck it up and kill the little buggers but this definitely falls in the Dad Duty Handbook.
2. School projects especially if they involve building things with junk. Granted, not all dads are mechanically or otherwise inclined but they sure do try.
3. Driving lessons. This is a big one and sometimes results in verbal battles but we all get our driver’s license in the end. Plus, if you had a dad like mine, he let you sit on his lap and “drive” when you were ten and out in the country where no one could see and didn’t get mad when you “drove” us into a snow bank.
4. Pull my finger. This is probably not a necessary life skill but when you’re five it sure is hilarious and it’s always fun to see mom get pretend mad at dad.
5. You knew you’d crossed the line when the dog hid but how else would you learn how to swear? Okay, again probably not a necessary life skill but better to learn it at home than out on the streets . . .
6. There are no better cheerleaders in the world than dads. No matter what your sport or activity or just when you need a boost, dads are great for building you up with not a lot of mush. Although, they can do mush when the situation calls for it.

The media always makes fun of dads and there are countless shows and movies depicting dads incompetence but that’s only because deep down we have reverence and respect for our dads but we also know they can take the ribbing. Even if they don’t do things exactly like moms, they get the job done in their own unique, inspiring ways.

Through all the mayhem and mishaps that is family life, dads weather them all and in the end, their mere presence teaches us how to be real men and also how to be real women. So thanks to all the fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, father and brothers-in-law, sons, sons-in law, cousins, friends, coworkers, and random guys who help change flat tires in the rain.

Today is your day so grill or watch TV or golf or garden or sleep outside in a hammock or whatever makes you happy. You are all wonderful and strong and caring and smart and special and perfect just the way you are. And never, ever forget how much you are loved!


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