So as you probably deduced from the title of this post, I lost my wallet. While this is not a tragedy of monumental proportions, it is still a blow. The kicker is I have no idea how this happened. I was at the mall purchasing a smoothie at Orange Julius and took out my wallet to pay as I miraculously had cash. I proceeded to JC Penney’s to try on some swimsuits (always a fun adventure) then drove to Wal-Mart to get groceries. I used my debit card, which I keep in my checkbook, decided to get cash back, and when I reached for my wallet to put in the cash, it was gone.

I dumped out my purse right there at the checkout and to my horror, no wallet. I inquired at the courtesy counter and retraced my steps but nothing. I loaded up the groceries then ransacked the car and found nothing but some used tissues and dried-up brownie crumbs. Subsequent and embarrassingly frequent calls to JC Penny’s, Orange Julius and the mall office were futile. My wallet had disappeared off the face of the planet!

Fortunately, there was only one credit card in there that I cancelled right away. My driver’s license was gone but for the low, low price of $12.50 I got a duplicate which I had to do anyway as I’d recently moved. The insurance cards and old receipts I didn’t care about and even the few pictures I carried were easily replaced. But there was one thing that could not be replaced― a $100 Visa gift card. Sigh.

Now I’ve known lots of people who have lost things, wallets included, and I always chuckled in bemusement when I heard their sad stories because deep down I figured they were just being irresponsible and careless. . . I guess karma finally caught up with me for being all superior and judgmental and as the universe really doesn’t like that it probably figured I needed to learn a lesson or two.

So I swear I will never again― well, hardly ever as I am human and bound to slip up on occasion― snicker at anyone’s misfortune at losing anything as it is not a character flaw but rather an unlucky happenstance. Also, I will immediately spend any and all free gift cards/gift certificates/money and/or unexpected windfalls as fate is fickle and it’s a real bummer when you can’t buy those multi-colored running shoes that are so cool but would probably make an old gal like me look like a dork. . .

Or maybe I will just leave my wallet at home . . .


3 thoughts on “LOST MY WALLET . . .

  1. I’m one of those people you have probably laughed at/judged in the past – lost my wallet far too many times – the most recent one being here in Taiwan. It’s bad when you lose it at home, but in a foreign country it’s a nightmare. I thought I’d have to get all my papers/visa cards again, but then a kindly old man turned it over to the local police station, so tragedy averted. So yeah – Maybe I’ll just leave my wallet home too!

  2. Yes this probably is your payback for secretly judging me when I recently lost a few wallet-like items. It happens.

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