So I have this rule that I have to write one blog post a week. A rule, I’m sure you’ve noticed, I break quite frequently. It would help if there were consequences to my inaction and I even tried cutting off my brownie fixes but who am I kidding, like that would ever happen.

Mondays seem to be the default days when these blog posts are “due” and usually I can come up with something to write about but today my mind is a blank. I guess I could write about what I did this weekend which is I went to two movies. One right after the other. The first one was The Internship which was pretty good actually, and Star Trek Into Darkness which I’d already seen but you can never see too many Star Trek movies. It’s a secret wish of mine to be in a Star Trek movie even if it’s just as Ensign #357 and I get killed in the opening credits. I guess it’s not a secret anymore. I digress.

Then I finished reading a takeoff of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and then I started re-reading The Catcher in the Rye and then I got curious about JD Salinger, the author, mostly because at the movies there was a trailer for a movie about JD Salinger. He was a strange guy, according to Wikipedia anyway so it must be true. He never let anyone make his stories into movies except once and it was a disaster and apparently once you burned him he never forgot and never forgave. I digress again.

I actually made supper on Sunday which sounds like I never eat which of course isn’t true but usually my husband and I fend for ourselves which works out well as then we each get to eat what we want. . .

If you are still reading this post, first: Why? And second: I apologize that it is boring and a total waste of time and not filled with any insights or words of wisdom or water cooler-worthy discussion points. But in my defense, I did manage to crank out almost four hundred words (notice I spelled out four hundred in order to boost my word count) and fulfilled my duty in posting a post (that sounds weird) and most important of all . . .

I get to eat that brownie. . .


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