HUH? . . .

So, I’ve been writing this blog for one, whole year! I have a plethora of posts, fifty-eight to be exact which I’m not entirely certain qualifies as a plethora. But it averages out to be more than one a week even though I have been bad about actually posting once a week. I got a little crazy in the beginning hence, the boost to my overall numbers.

It’s been a year of drama and boredom and fun and love and excitement and tears and tantrums and routine and changes and chuckles and confusion and clarity. In other words, a year of life. I turned fifty, which I still can’t quite wrap my head around. I went to Las Vegas and Hawaii and The Mall of America (I live in Minnesota so that’s not really a big deal, but still.) I learned a few things about myself along the way both good and bad. Can’t say I’ve reached the level of maturity I always thought people “my age” should have but then again, who does?

I’ve been blessed with an awesome family even though they make me want to run away and join the circus every once in a while. I have a good job and great friends and I get to write, which is my passion, and having people read my stuff is an extra bonus.

The world has seen tragedy and comedy, like it always does, and us humans have managed to survive despite the odds. That’s probably because all the world’s guardian angels don’t want to deal with the paper work if we implode ourselves on their watch.

Here’s to another year of writing and reading and laughing and crying and scrubbing toilets and reaching for the stars and looking forward in eager anticipation to what marvels the universe has in store for us.

Hopefully it involves lots and lots of chocolate . . .


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