So another week has gone by and it’s time for me to write another blog post. You’d think writing 400 to 600 words a week would be a piece of cake. You’d think with all the stuff going on in the world I could find some tidbit to rant about. You’d think I’d have witnessed or heard about something of note I could regurgitate here and take the credit for being so witty/observant/wise/profound and call it good. You’d think all these things and you’d be right but I still can’t come up with one thing to wax poetic about. In fact, I’m just typing on my laptop while it’s resting on my lap praying something will pop into my head as I rattle off these random words that amount to nothing but a bunch of fluff. You know, like in school when you had essay questions on your test and you had to wing it as you had no clue how the war of blah, blah, blah started and it was worth 25,000 points and you had to write something.

I think my mind is totally blank today because it is still recovering from a very busy week. I worked on Monday (I never work Mondays and that threw me off from the get go). I drove to Rhinelander, WI (That’s eight hours from my house in a little VW Beetle) to move Daughter #1’s stuff back home. The truck we rented was way too small so had to get a trailer to attach to it and then by some miracle her posse managed to get it all packed up in thirty minutes. Went out to eat then to a local pub where I stayed out till midnight. I never stay out anywhere till midnight! I don’t drink so I didn’t have to worry about after effects but somehow I get “drunk” by osmosis so I was pretty tired and we had to get up and get moving the next day and drive another eight hours back home then unload everything into a storage unit, freak out a little as I was really tired by now, go to bed, try to sleep, get up at the crack of dawn and go back to work!

My husband hurt his ankle and can’t work for the indefinite future, I’m trying to get crackin’ on some writing projects, I finally started reading Outlander (a series of seven or so books where each book is 800-1200 pages long and I really didn’t want to make that kind of commitment but my sis-in-law has been after me for years so I started and it’s really good and now I’ll never get anything else done!) I have to watch season 2 of New Girl so I can start watching the new episodes that have already started, I have to clean the house, do laundry, grocery shop, shower, and on top of that, come up with some relevant, humorous, poignant thoughts for all my wonderful blog readers out there!

That’s a lot of pressure.

I don’t do pressure.

So I’m calling it good and falling into the arms of the true object of my affections . . .

. . . Chocolate frosted brownie here I come.


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