So it’s the middle of October. It’s 36 degrees outside. Raining. With a chance of snow. Did I mention it’s the middle of October? I don’t know why I act so surprised every year when winterish weather strikes my neck of the woods― in the middle of October― but really it isn’t so bad. It’s the kind of weather that makes one curl up with a fuzzy blanket on one’s fabulous, red sofa with tea, brownies and a good book. And one would be doing just that except one’s toilet decided to pick today to go on the fritz.

The inner workings suddenly started spraying water onto the lid and said water was dripping down the sides of the tank. Not an insurmountable problem. Just needed new guts. At least it’s not like the time I flushed my glasses (don’t ask) and they got stuck and we had to take apart the whole toilet to get them. Miraculously they survived. Just needed a bath in disinfectant (don’t ask).

So I trotted to Wal-Mart and bought a new toilet flushy thing ― technically called a fill valve― for the low, low price of $6.97. It promised in big, bold letters Easy 15 Minute Installation! Now, this isn’t my first rodeo, having installed toilet flushy things on two previous occasions, so I was pretty confident I could accomplish this feat in a timely manner.

Forty-five minutes later, the test flush passed with flying colors and as I brushed the sweat/toilet water off my brow, I gazed at my handiwork with pride. Granted, it took three times longer than advertised but my first attempt took over two hours and the second just over an hour. I figure the next time I have to break out my plumber’s pants, I will actually be able to change out the toilet parts in the allotted time frame!

Of course, I’m not counting the time it took to empty the over-the-tank storage cabinet and then remove the over-the-tank storage cabinet which involved some de-construction and screwdriver use. And the re-construction and re-loading of said unit. And of course, the mopping up of leaked toilet water, the washing of all towels used in the aforementioned endeavor and the fifteen minutes of colorful language and pleas to heaven when I couldn’t get the old toilet flushy thing out.

I’m glad to report everything is finally back in working order and I can now snuggle on my sofa with tea, brownies, and book and spend the rest of the day in blissful contentment. Never mind the occasional and faint sound of shushing water that floats through the air from the general direction of the bathroom. It couldn’t possibly be from my brand new toilet flushy thing. I mean, I’m practically a professional what with all my experience and I refuse to accept failure and I am not getting off this sofa again for anything unless it’s to get more brownies!

Besides, I diligently followed all the directions for installing that *&^%$#@! flushy thing. . . mostly.

Good thing we have another bathroom. . .


5 thoughts on “JUST ANOTHER DAY . . .

  1. You had me at “tea and brownies” – two of my favorite things! My 3rd son like brownies with Reese’s cups in them. My other kids like them plain.
    Tea? I drink herbal unsweetened all day, but every morning finds me with black tea nice and sugared up.

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