Are You Sure This Is Legit . . .


So a big, giant thank you to Vegas E. Sundance at for nominating me for The Sunshine Award! I’m not sure what The Sunshine Award is but it’s a good ego booster to get any award and especially one with a cool award-y badge I can add to this post.

Unfortunately, this award comes with strings but as I don’t have to give anyone any money I guess I can tie them up into a pretty bow. There are the strings: I have to give you 11 facts about myself, nominate 10 other bloggers and list their blogs here. Oh, and give a big, giant thank you to the blogger who nominated me, which I already did but I can do again. THANK YOU VES!

11 Facts about Myself:

1. I am a girl.
2. Actually, I am a thirteen-year-old girl trapped inside a fifty-one-year old crabby lady.
3. Maybe not so much crabby as tired.
4. I love Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate Brownies. With chocolate frosting. And M&M’s. I may have mentioned this occasionally on previous blog posts.
5. I like to write, hence, this blog which I like writing even though it involves me actually having to, well, write.
6. I have a bit of a laziness problem which you may have deduced from reading my blog.
7. Sorry I don’t post more often but see #6.
8. Eleven facts are a lot. Why can’t it be five or even better, none?
9. I’m not that interesting.
10. Only one more to go. . . Maybe this one doesn’t count.
11. The eleventh fact about me is that I don’t like writing facts about myself . . .

Okay, got through that. Now I have to nominate ten other bloggers for this award. . . Not sure I know ten other bloggers! Here goes:


I think I have to notify all these blogger that I nominated them. That seems like a lot of work. But then they will have to thank me and link back to my blog and write 11 facts about themselves and nominate 10 other bloggers and announce on their blog who those bloggers are. . . . I hope they don’t get mad at me.


(I figure I can put this on here twice as I am a special Sunshine Award winner!)
(Whoo Hoo! I didn’t have to think up some witty, relevant, inspiring blog post for this week!)


6 thoughts on “Are You Sure This Is Legit . . .

  1. Actually I’m pretty sure it’s not legit. What is legit is the fact that I nominated you before finding out it wasn’t so legit. When i sent the nominations i felt dubious but i wasnt sure. The legit part is that I think your blog deserves an award. Everything after that i.e. the facts (by the way I saw someone else who won it and only had to do 10.) and all the other shite is crap. One blogger told me to make a page and add all the awards to it. I’m going to do it. Plus if you want another award that you don’t have to do anything for, I’ve made my own, head to

    • Yeah I figured it was a scam but as I didn’t have to give anyone any money or my first-born I thought what the heck! All us bloggers ARE awesome and we deserve all the awards we can steal, er, I mean earn! Like your new and totally cool B.A.S.T.A.R.D. award. I’m totally honored you think I’m B.A.S.T.A.R.D. worthy . . . Probably won’t post the award badge as I don’t want my fellow bloggers to explode with envy or worse, stop reading my blog!

  2. lmao!! congratulations on your non-legit award. doesn’t it make your heart fuzzy and warm to get one! do you think it might be viral? anyway you deserve it and i enjoyed getting to meet your nominated blogs.

    • Thanks! While these awards are probably just made up by our fellow bloggers, they do make one’s heart feel warm and fuzzy! Besides, nothing wrong with patting ourselves on the back ha ha!

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