So you may have noticed I haven’t posted a post in quite a while. That’s because I decided to take some time off and concentrate on working on the plethora of writing projects languishing in my computer. As you can imagine, given I’m a self-admitted laziness aficionado, I have mostly been, well, not writing. But I have discovered (i.e. Daughter #2 told me) a great show on Netflix called Warehouse 13 and it’s morally imperative that I watch all episodes in a timely fashion. And even though my dreams of late have me hunting down artifacts with the gang, I’m not at all worried. . .

Anyway, a friend and fan recently lamented the fact that I’m not posting any posts and so as part of her “Pay it Forward” surprise, I am dedicating this to you, TERRY B! . . . I maybe should have thought this through a bit as now the pressure is on for me to write a funny, poignant, insightful post guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye and a chuckle to your lips. Here goes:

What would bring a smile to anyone’s face, especially one who loves quilts and puppies? Why, quilts with puppies! (You really can find anything on the internet.)

Really cute puppies:

Techno puppies:

Perfect puppy:

And by anything, I mean anything: (a sampling of pictures I found when Googling Anything)

Okay . . .

Self promotion . . .

And in the That’s Just So Not Right Category:

And the WTF! category:

And the I Don’t Get It category:

Self explanatory:

As I was searching for Anything on the internet, it occurred to me that Anything is a word we use all the time without really thinking much about it. Someone asks, “What do you want to do tonight?” And we answer, “Anything.” (Well, probably we say, “I don’t care,” but that doesn’t fit in with my grand vision here so we’ll just put that aside.)

But do we really mean anything. . . Are we willing to go bungee jumping off the International Space Station? Or eat sauteed cockroaches in jellyfish sauce? Or run through a police station sans clothing? I’m thinking most of us would rather do just about anything else . . . okay, not anything but I’m sure you are seeing the problem.

We tell our kids they can do Anything when they grow up, like President of The United States. But come on, that’s only happened to, like, 40 some dudes and besides it pays really bad and the bosses are perpetually dissatisfied. Little Jane and Jimmy are more likely to pick astronaut, rock star or professional athlete, but again, pretty much not happening. And guess what? It doesn’t matter. Because even though 98% of us will never have fame or riches or 1 million views on YouTube for singing the Frozen theme song while riding a unicycle backwards, it’s okay because while we may not be able to do Anything we can be Anything.

We can be sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, husbands,wives, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, coworkers, acquaintances and the person who smiles at passersby as they walk down the street. We can be kind. We can be compassionate. We can keep our mouths shut on occasion. We may not go down in the history books or get our own reality show (blessing in disguise?) but we will all be someone and who that someone turns out to be is entirely up to us. No matter how long or how short our time is, we all have an impact on someone just because we are here, being Anything.

So to my friend and fan, Terry B, here is the best way I can show you how much I am in awe of the strong, beautiful, loving, courageous Anything you are!

brownie heaven


brownie love

P.S. I’m pretty sure there will be real brownies in your future. . .


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