So I guess this is the part of the blog called “About” where I am supposed to write what this blog is about.  Well, it’s pretty much about Life and The World and Everyday Things, hence, the title.  I’m not trying to be a smarty pants but that is what it’s about!  I pretend to myself that I’m clever and witty and people are just dying to find out my take on stuff . . . which is pretty pompous (see blog post: Plethora) when you think about it.  But I suppose we all suffer from that malady a bit.

I’ll try not to be political or irreverent but I make no promises. Mostly, I’ll be uplifting and light because the world needs more of that but I’ll also sneak in some stuff to make you think but since I’m not especially stealthy, you’ll probably know when I’m doing it!

I decided to write this blog mainly as a way to amuse myself with comments, opinions and observations about stuff that strikes me as  funny, weird, crazy, and/or just plain nuts. Since I have a good memory that just happens to be short, it will help me remember all the said stuff that passes my way.  It’s also a great creative release and a way to send my thoughts out into the universe ―I guess that’s being pompous again― but I hope whoever finds their way here gets some enjoyment out of it.  That would be an extra bonus!

You have probably noticed I have a tendency to use the exclamation point excessively but I will try to limit its use to only really important stuff, like this:

Life is a gift!

It’s short and there will never be enough time to do everything so . . .

Use it wisely!

Be kind!

And above all, CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!


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