So I thought it would be a great idea to write about Thanksgiving being as it’s tomorrow and hence, a timely topic. But for the last fifteen minutes, I’ve been staring at the blank screen on my computer, and tapping my fingers on the keyboard in that impatient manner, hoping an original sentiment would pop […]

THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! ―said Luke to Vader upon hearing the truth . . .

So I’ve decided God must have been crazy when He told us we’re supposed to love our neighbors/enemies as ourselves. And to make things even worse, I think what He really meant is that we are supposed to love them unconditionally. You know, like God loves us. Oh sure, we all say we do that […]


So it’s Christmas Eve once again. The shopping is (hopefully) done. The presents are wrapped. Kids everywhere ―and some grownups I know― wiggle and giggle and plead “Can’t I open just one?” If you live in the northerly parts of the country, like me, the snow crunches under your booted feet and the stars twinkle […]