So I thought it would be a great idea to write about Thanksgiving being as it’s tomorrow and hence, a timely topic. But for the last fifteen minutes, I’ve been staring at the blank screen on my computer, and tapping my fingers on the keyboard in that impatient manner, hoping an original sentiment would pop […]


So, I got notified today that the story I submitted to a regional publication has not been accepted for this year’s anthology. They thanked me for taking the time to send in my story, competition is always fierce, they hoped I would submit again next year, blah, blah, blah. At least they thanked me. That’s […]


So like most people I hate being wrong. Even worse, I hate having to admit I’m wrong. There is something so, well, wrong about having to eat crow ―maybe with a little butter it’s not so bad― and ‘fess up to another human being that my thoughts, actions, opinions or fashion choices leave something to […]


So I’ve never understood exactly what this means but every generation pines for it like it was some Utopia or Xanadu-like time filled with chocolate highways where everyone burped rainbows. Oh sure, those were the glory days before cell phones, color TV’s, washing machines and indoor plumbing ― because peeing outside in a wooden shed […]

Bursting With Happiness . . .

Have you ever, for no apparent reason, been so happy you thought you were going to explode in a spectacular display of dazzling fireworks and blinding light?  It’s indescribably wonderful.  And utterly terrifying.  Wonderful because the universe―for that one brief, shining moment― made absolute and total sense.  You knew beyond a shadow of a doubt […]