ALMOST (kinda, sorta, maybe, okay not really) FAMOUS . . .

So I Googled myself the other day. (Yeah, like you’ve never done that.) I was just curious to see if I’ve been up to anything interesting. Turns out, I’ve got a video on YouTube! Who knew? Not me, that’s for sure. If I’d a known I’d have A. already written a blog post about it […]


So I’ve been writing this blog for about a year and I have a whole 46 followers (a big thanks to each and every one of you!) It’s kinda weird that people who sign up to read blogs are called followers as if us blog writers are heaven-sent messengers whose words are so divinely inspired […]

Free Stuff ― Benevolent Generosity or Evil Plot To Take Over The World

So I recently discovered― which means someone told me―a site for free eBooks called  Did you get that? FREE BOOKS!  I love books! I have bookcases full of books! I have belonged at one time or another and sometimes at the same time to the Literary Guild, The Mystery Guild,  Doubleday, and the Science Fiction […]